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  1. Teoh Han Hui says:

    Good luck!! ^^

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don worry, as long as he diden caught you red handed during the exam..
    First, IF He/She said that you are cheating
    IS HE/SHE have any solid prove that I’m cheatting? keeping a note is not consider a cheat in an exam, But,he can said that you are attempting to cheat.

    Secondly, IS there any rule said that you must empty your pocket or remove any note from your body during the period of the exam ? If the answer is a no, then you are not wrong.I belive that most secondory school dun have Exam Rule and regulation or so called exam policies read out.But in universities, yes.HE ask you to signed on that paper, yup, indeed that you keep a note, but you are not cheating.SO THIS MEANS THAT YOU ARE NOT CHEATING..

    BUT,ATTEMPING TO CHEAT OR CHEAT IS A SERIOUS OFFENCES, so i suggest that monday when you go for your teacher, pls be polite and gentle when you speak to the teacher, don’t you harsh word and not try to raise your voice, just be patient and talk slowly to them, and prove that you are a good student. DON’t worry about the issue, if still got other paper to go, just concentrate on it and forget that issue temporary. You WIll BE FINE, GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK


  3. teddY says:

    Hmmm. I’m not too sure whether does the following exam rules are enforced in your school, but my school cheating is condemned as a serious offence and we risk expulsion, as long as the teacher “has beyond resonable doubt that the student attempts to cheat”, meaning that if we didn’t even cheat but just brought it notes we’ll be treated the same as a student caught cheating red-handed.

    But in think that the teacher will look at your past records. If you come clean and have a clear conscience you have nothing to be afraid of. 🙂 Take care!

    Remember to explain your situation to the teacher calmly and make sure that you use words carefully. Don’t get agitated or frustrated… because it’ll only make the situation worse.

  4. eiffelchong says:

    why so bad luck wan…
    tell the teacher… i think shouldn’t be a problem wan…
    unless last time you were black-listed by teacher… ahahahahaa

  5. KOK ah KOK says:

    Good luck…u so stim la…like dat u also can! haha
    anyway all the best then!

  6. nic ah nic says:

    reply all :
    “attempt to cheat” that’s what i am worry of.

    thank you all for support.
    i’ll try to explain everything to my teacher, calmly .

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