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A Day In Building Construction Class

Just some random posting of my photos which dated 2 weeks back. Haha. Why, why, why, I am so lagging behind? You know, I had so much time during high school, everyday is just like a holiday, but then when comes to college, everything changed, holiday has become assignment day.

Currently in semester 2 of Interior Design course and it’s getting more and more hectic with assignment. The busy-ness is OK, I can’t complain anything because if there’s no work or too free, I felt it’s not worth after paying so much for the studies. Hehe.

Building Construction is not really a design class, it’s about, err, buidling construction, the method, the framework, force and stuff. Not so detail because I am not in engineering or architecture, it’s just some light touches on the topic. =)

Recently was busying making the plane construction which is making a surface out of paper which can support load up to 2kg.

Man in black is the lecturer, pretty funny and friendly lecturer.

Vincent from Vietnam.

Building Construction class is long, from 1pm to 5pm, a 4-hours straight class, nonstop but usually finished an hour earlier. Haha.

Studying in a small class course isn’t like going to the big lecture theater just to listen to the lecture, every of our courses are in a little class which get to interact two-way with the lecturer, just like what was back in the high school. I think this is pretty fun.

The prototype of the plane construction with Jia Hui in background.

Educational video about force. =D I think video is a very good learning method. Interesting.

No, this is not a building construction material, it’s just my lunch of that day. Haha.

Hello! Wish Japan can get well soon. =)

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