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庙会 2013: Happening & Beautiful Chinese New Year In Penang

庙会 2013: Happening & Beautiful Chinese New Year In Penang – Looking at the photos below, I am sure that it’s another reason to visit Penang during Chinese New Year besides food. It’s culture, it’s people, it’s happening, it’s fun. I have been going to Miao Hui for quite a few years, they look the same to me, but it just never failed to impress visitors from other places and it’s an awesome day to bring your camera out for a little fun. I never thought of going to the Miao Hui this year because it’s all the same, but since I’d nothing to do, I went there with Alvin, brought my lovely Canon along, and shoot. Surprised to meet quite a number of familiar faces there too and ended chattering a lot and quite many shots.
Well, this post is so delayed because it happened like 1.5 months back because I left my camera back in Penang, now I’ve got it, and you can get ready to put Penang into your next place to visit during Chinese New Year next year.
Houston, NASA of Penang. LOL.
What’s up what’s up.
Ong Kooi Jin!
Khoo Kongsi.
Beautiful girls.
With Gen Yong & Alvin.
Uncle RELA.
Yi Jun.
Gen Yong, Kok, me, Alvin & Min Xiang.
Kok & JJ.
LANSIs. Emily, Jameson, Lester, Victor, Nick.
Yao Jing. Pattern banyak.
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