YE / Young Enterprise Sales Fair at Queensbay Mall

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  1. OSK says:

    u r really good in public speaking!

  2. swt!
    i just saw 2 products copying past YE products
    in fact, one is exactly the same one
    the T-shirt u mentioned mocking u…it’s from MGS, and i’m guessing it’s the same school that’s selling it this year right?
    and the other one, the fluffy balls that look like ducks? the whole idea is actually copied from our YE company, two years ago – De’ Core Enterprise from CLHS!! i’m gussing from the green blazers it must be Phor Tay rite?

    bunch of copycats!!

  3. yiphing says:

    i saw this kind of t-shirt b4
    worn by one of my mgs’s friend
    but different slogan lar
    –“i’m not short, i’m just space efficient”
    don’t you think it’s cute?
    i din saw it last saturday
    i was so rush
    don’t have enuf time to shop to every stall
    but i had bought the handybook
    the design is beutiful and nice.
    even my mom said it’s creative.xD

  4. it’s the same one made last year by MGS…they had 2 types…same slogan summore…like that also can’t be creative meh

  5. OSK;
    Ok nia la, I actually very paiseh one.

    Hobart Lim Zi Ying:
    Yeah, they said they uses last year de stock.

    Yup, thanks for your support!!! It’s my idea of making the book. Wahaha, but drawing is not mine.

  6. WanCing says:

    if i ain’t mistaken, MGS should be disqualified for selling last year’s products.
    oh, btw, thanks for buying the handphone straps from us.
    i heard u bought 6.

  7. WanCing:
    Yeah, you are welcome. Did you bought anything from us? Hee.

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