Went to Tesco last Saturday

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I’ve actually planned for either going for a movie or stayed at home to do my revision, but it turned up nothing same as my plan. Mom wanted to go to Tesco and she don’t want to go there alone so asked for my company, since I want to be a good son, I went along with her. I grabbed my camera with me and hope I can capture something but it’s just some very random shots that I took in the supermarket.

That day’s weather was not so good, it’s not sunny and it was like cloudy all day long.

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I haven’t been to Tesco for quite sometimes and to me, I got nothing to buy. I don’t really buy things on an unexpected visit to the supermarket. I prefer making a list in my mind so that buying and finding stuff make easy.

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I will not shop for electric appliances in Tesco.

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Hungry Ghost Festival is over and the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Sweet. Conserve the Chinese tradition, don’t buy electric toy lantern, it’s so uncool.

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Cheap snacks for sale, as low as RM1.69. I don’t like it.

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My favourite fresh milk. ^^

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The Not-Halal Pork department separated from everything.

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Tesco’s packaged coffee, will you get it?

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Brandless local rice. Will you, too?

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Bring your own bag (on every Monday’s non-plastic bag day).

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Mom. ^^

Well, I did buy something there, a pack of DVD-R, a pack of 80gms A4 paper for printing usage and fresh milks. =D

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