Walking outside the Penang Stadium

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There’s a stadium in Penang Island, another stadium is at Batu Kawan which is bigger and another one is the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) which hosts a lot of events. I’ve only been into the PISA before to see the PC Fair and once was the Astro Talent Quest Final and never been into the other two state’s stadiums before.

Anyway, I was just walking around outside the stadium at Jalan Dato Kramat few days ago, I only have my cell phone with me so I took it out and took some shots. It’s a little quiet at that area, the Lorong Kulit Flea Market is only available in the morning and afternoon, it’s off during evening.

Frankly speaking, this stadium is ugly, the gate is not pretty at all and don’t really know about the internal, nothing much to see there, I don’t like football neither. If it host an International match, I’ll be there for sure.

Happy Chinese New Year! 4 more days to go.

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