Walk For Sight Charity Walk at Padang Polo

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Last Sunday, I attended a Lions Club organized event and it’s the Walk For Sight Charity Walk at Padang Polo. It’s said to be co-organized with the Leo Club but most part of it were by the Lions Clubs. Some Leos did went to help early in the morning.

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It’s a Sight First project and it’s fun. Basically, one have pay RM15 which was to donated to the St Nicholas Visually Impact Home, then one will find a partner. Then one will be blindfolded and lead by another who is not and have walk on the road to feel how’s a visually impact feels like.  According to some sources, there’s around 3000 people joined this event.

I was there to walk and also to help out to take some photos for the event. But I have dedicated most of my time and energy into the walk so I didn’t get a lot of photos there.

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Very bad morning that I went to the toilet twice on that day for clearing the stomach. They got a fun morning aerobic session before the aprroximately 2.3km walk by the roadside.

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Andy, Tee Jin, Me, Min Xiang, Alvin.

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It’s the flag off at I’ve forgotten what time. I was so excited with the walk and I’ve forgotten to look at the time.

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Crystal and Jason a.k.a. Cryson and Jasstal.

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Min Li and I don’t know who.

I was not blindfolded at first, was leading some friends and taking photographs along the way. Only when I find everyone were lost, I went to find a group and walk together.

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Jin Jie and Rong Zhi.

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Jin Jie and Me using the blindfold as a mask.

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I found Jin Jie, Rong Zhi and Lester. There’s 4 person, lining up as a train, 3 blindfolded and one leading. I was on the last one, blindfolded all the time.

IMG_6465 by you.

Lester on the left.

Most of the photos were taken by Jin Jie who was leading in front. I was blindfolded so I could not see anything, so I was enjoying being lead by people. I did capture video instead but haven’t take a look at it yet. Wonder what I did I shoot while I couldn’t see. It was really fun as we couldn’t see and were moving left and right to avoid rocks and bushes.

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It’s like around 9.30, we reach Padang Polo again after walking from Jalan Sepoy Lines to Jalan Macalister to Jalan Residensi and back to Padang Polo.

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Leo Club seniors.

IMG_6490 by you.

Each of us gets a certificate of participation and some free snacks. There’s a lucky draw session too. Unfortunately I got nothing but I’m happy for my friends who got themselves prizes, there’s G Hotel free accomodation, pearl necklace from Vanessa’s Diamonds, an oven, SPA voucher and more for the lucky winner from my school.

Remember that we got Largest Leo Club Participation Award? We got like around 30 peoples from my club that day. Anyway, I had fun on that morning. Good to join in charity activity.

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