Vienna: The Original Cafe Sacher & Night In Inner Stadt

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Eastern Europe Trip // Vienna: The Original Cafe Sacher – The famous and most original Viennese chocolate cake – Sacher Torte can be found at Cafe Sacher of Hotel Sacher. The Sacher Torte is a chocolate cake, invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher in Vienna and it has the become one of the most famous Viennese culinary speciaties.

So after trying out the one but not the original one at Cafe Central, we have decided to head over to try the original version despite we were travelling on a budget. The city was quiet on a Christmas evening, but a long queue of tourist built up in the front of Cafe Sacher. We took a walk around the city before heading back to the cafe to check out the queue and greatly, the queue was shorten.

The cafe is small, yet have a beautiful interior decor, which is comparable to the two in Budapest (New York Cafe & Alexander Book Cafe). However, something I dislike about the cafe is that it is compulsory to check in our coat into the cloakroam and each checked in item is charged 1Euro. I don’t really like the way they force you to check in and charge you an Euro for it.

Anyway, it was a good one hour spent at Cafe Sacher as we had no place to go. The Sacher Torte was indeed better than Cafe Central but is it the best chocolate cake in the world? I still couldn’t decide on that yet.

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    • HAHA, no they are not! I don’t know is it because Asian like desserts so much, or just that they just want to visit somewhere cool and instagram it, OR, it’s Christmas day and no place to go. XD

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