Vienna: Morning Market & Austrian Meal For Breakfast At Reumannplatz

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  1. Jenni says:

    Looks delicious! One of the things I really love about traveling is the chance to try different foods. I was in Japan at the end of last year and one of my goals for the trip was to eat as much as I possibly could! And I did. The food was just too good to be true. You would think that I gained a few kilos but actually I lost a few instead!
    Delicious AND helps to lose weight=perfect combo.

  2. Arms says:

    I always wanted to wake up in the morning and get breakfast while the weather is still cool. I mean, even if the sun is shining bright and all. 😀 I guess it’s so fun to walk around there at the market in the morning, right? Hehe.

    And awesome pictures of food, man. A selfie too, now I know exactly what you look like haha.

    Happy weekdays ahead!

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