Small Business Loan

Are you starting up a business and need an amount of money? You go to your friend place to borrow money but they rejected you and piss you off. Your parents have went on a year long travel and they…

Get DirecTV now

Are you feeling bored with you local TV channel? Sometimes, you get scramble signal and blue screen across of TV because of the poor antenna radio frequency. This piss you off sometimes right and l…

After School

After School Originally uploaded by It’s somewhere in the school in some room. It’s cool in here and good to have an afternoon nap, but don’t have bed. XD See ya, a…

Taking Off

Taking Off Originally uploaded by See you Hong Kong again! For sure I will come back again, soon, don’t know when. I like Hong Kong, seriously, miss the wan tan and beef noodle…

Disneyland Store in Airport

Disneyland Store in Airport Originally uploaded by If you didn’t go to the Disneyland, there’s a store in the airport selling Disneyland stuff. Forgotten to buy souvinier…

So Many People

So Many People Originally uploaded by So many people at check-in counter. I’m looking for the one that fly back to Penang. Any idea? LOL


Airport Originally uploaded by Go back home already. I miss home, a little, but I miss Hong Kong too! Gonna stay at the terminal for a few hours. Our flight is at around 3pm.


Taxi Originally uploaded by I realise the cab here has only 1 color and that is red. In Malaysia, there’s red, yellow and white cab. Somemore got what color?

Morning Walk

Morning Walk Originally uploaded by Doing a morning walk along Nathan Rd. So early, so many people. Gonna walk until 11.30 before the airport shutter arrive.

Got Signal

Got Signal Originally uploaded by Get the wireless connection signal again. Able to read some news, check email and do some chatting. 🙂 Yay. It’s hard to find free open connect…

YMCA International House

YMCA International House Originally uploaded by This is where I’m staying in Hong Kong. Can’t afford those at Tsim Sha Tsui area which have a good seaview. Though, I only…

Got People On The Track

Got People On The Track Originally uploaded by Heard that got a kid jump down guy fell down to the track of the MTR at the Kwun Tong station. Seems like the nothing happened though, …

Yung Kee Restaurant

Yung Kee Restaurant Originally uploaded by Yung Kee Restaurant is famous for its roasted duck. But we haven’t feel the hungryness, how to eat ah?

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui Originally uploaded by Walking along Nathan Rd at Tsim Sha Tsui area towards Pacific Place now. Pretty warm today. Global warning? Haha. May take the ferry later.



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