Taking the Penang Ferry to Butterworth

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The Penang Ferry is one of the public transportat in Penang for ferrying people to and fro from the island and mainland. I lives in Penang like 17 years and I’ve never sit the ferry for more than 10 times. I’ve been on it twice or thrice when I was small in my dad’s car and while on foot was like 2 times and this recent ferry ride was my third time.

Grandma wanted to go to Sungai Petani so mom asked me to acompany her to take the ferry to the mainland. From there, only then she go to Sungai Petani by bus. I agreed to acompanid grandma because it had been a long time since I had went onto the ferry so I think it might be fun.

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I was not familiar with how and where to get onto the ferry but grandma is very well in this, so it’s more likely that she was acompanying me than me do. Now I know where and how to get onto the ferry already. Just walked over to the Rapid Penang bus hub to the other side where the Hin Public Bus Company parked their buses, at there you will find your way to the jetty.

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Going to Butterworth (mainland) is free but from Butterworth to Penang Island need to pay RM1.20 with coins, no coins. I am not sure about fare for cars on the ferry.

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I waited for like almost half an hour for the ferry behind the gate. There were like 3 ferry already arrived and departed but it’s not for us, it’s for the cars. I don’t really know how the time table for the ferry works, it’s just that I waited very long when going to Butterworth but coming back to Penang, it just took me 5 minutes of waiting.

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I didn’t find a seat to sit but prefer walking around to take photos.

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I can see my island from far and also the Penang bridge. It’s pretty but not as pretty as Hong Kong’s cityscape with all those skyscrappers. We only got KOMTAR in the middle of the city.

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The ferry ride took me about 15 minutes, and there’s already a lot of people waiting for this boat to Penang island. There’s 2 elevators down to two place, one is to the (temporary) Penang Sentral, Rapid Penang Bus Hub in Butterworth and another one is to the train station, express bus ticketing counter and city.

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We then went to buy the ticket. It took us like a long time to queue for the tickets, I’m not sure about what had happened but it just stucked there for so long.


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After grandma had boarded the bus, I went back to the island on my own. Then I took the free Central Area Transit bus to KOMTAR, walked around at Prangin Mall for some times only later I went home. =)

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2 Comments to Taking the Penang Ferry to Butterworth

  1. Penang Ferry was a special transportation found in Penang. It’s extremely nice feel when you take it.

    Recently many of people because of rushing for time and seldom take ferry to the mainland, they almost used Penang Bridge.

    So we have to proud that Penang have such facilities like Hong Kong. What can you comment about the CAT bus? It’s nice and really free! I try it before.

  2. GenYong:
    The CAT bus was parked at the jetty when I was there, I got on but the bus driver waited the bus for more passenger before driving which I don’t really like about it because I was rushing in time that time.

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