Some photos with Ah Pek’s Spectacles

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school chung ling high students teen 160 by you.

I forgot which it was. During the recess break, I don’t who brought along some cute glasses. It’s the kind that Ah Pek wears and the best part of it that, there’s no lens on it, it’s just the frame. Something like my the glassless spectacles that I bought a few months ago. It’s missing in action right now, disappeared.

school chung ling high students teen 138 by you.

My friend found them in the Leo Club Sight First Glasses Recycling Box, we found 3 that are most suitable for wearing and the rest have lens on it, so it’s not good for the eyes. If you have any unwanted spectacles, you can take to Chan Kong Chan Optical Centre in Penang. It’s one of my Leo Club’s project.

school chung ling high students teen 164 by you.

school chung ling high students teen 216 by you.

school chung ling high students teen 201 by you.

(pic1:Beng Tian, pic2:Jing Min, pic3:Geofferey.)

So, we wore it and took photos with it. The frame is not bright coloured, the frame is not thick, so it’s not under the school spectacle ban list. In my school, some and some kind of spectacles are not allow to wear in the school, even if you bring it but didn’t wear it, some stupid prefect will still write down your number. That’s bad side of some prefects.

If found guilty, the spectacles maybe or maybe not confiscated by the school authority but for sure that your name will be recorded in a the disciplinary record book.

school chung ling high students teen 162 by you.

I have good eyesight, I need no spectacles but I want one, to look smart. Anyway, if I am really getting it, it will be on the last of my shopping list because I have so many things on my shopping list, it’s a never ending list.

Fang Da Tong looked like us. LOL We have something similar, it’s on his eyes! =)

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