Second Day at Tian He District

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Guangzhou is divided into a lot of district, one of which is Tian He district. It’s a more modern part of the town with all the high rise building, office building, shopping malls being built at this area. The locals said that this place is more likely a middle and high class area in Guangzhou.

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We went there on our second day by taxi. We were lazy to take the metro because we need to walk for like 5-10 minutes to the nearest metro station, so taxi is the best for us as it’s just parked right outside our hotel. At one place, we saw some tall building were in construction in far. According to the taxi driver, it’s the new area in the city.

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My brother went there once so he asked the taxi drive to drive us to Tian He Cheng which is actually a shopping mall, I didn’t know about that. I though it’s Tian He City, though the area is more likely to be called as Tian He Qu or literally means Tian He District.

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The taxi driver dropped us off at one side of the shopping mall and then we went in to do some window shopping. This place is quiet, not so many people on the road by that time, it isn’t like the Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Shopping Street where people are everywhere on the street.

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The shopping mall is big but it’s not pretty. I didn’t really bother to check out the whole thing. Mom walked around on her own and dad, me and brother were together.

One thing I found out that their Nike shoes have a lot of design, but I didn’t get to buy any them because it’s more expensive than the Nike here in Malaysia.

At first, we wanted to seek for a prepaid card for dad but after looking at the mobile phone shops, they actually don’t sell prepaid simpack, they just do reload for you. And there, they called it rechargable simpack instead of prepaid.

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We had our lunch at the KFC and the food court on the highest level of TeeMall. The KFC was good but the food court wasn’t, we went out to the mall and went to somewhere else after that. We got no point of direction and no idea where to go, so we just walked.

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Out to the other side of the mall and we just walked, walked and walked.

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We then came across of row of shoplots, but the place was quiet too. I wondered why there were’nt many people around.

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The weather that day was OK. The temperature was around 15-16 degree celcius. I realized the locals wore thicker cloths then us. Maybe we are strong. Haha. The coldness feeling comes at night when the temperature dropped to 12 degree cel and there’s cold wind blowing on your face, that’s what I meant cold.

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Later then, we went into another mall. It’s Grandview Mall or also known as Zhengjia Plaza. It’s actually one of the shopping mall that listed in my shopping list, I didn’t know we will get there, but somehow we where there, after some times of walking out from Tee Mall.

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We sat down at cafe and had some coffee while resting our feet before continue to our next destination.

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I and brother just simply walked around the mall without going any of the shops, then we met up with daddy and mommy them again. There’s nothing much interesting there, then we moved to another destination by MRT this time. We were at Tianhe Sports Center station and took the train to Nong Jiang Suo to look for Lomography camera. =)

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