Reformat computer in the middle of the night

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  1. That My Goal says:


  2. That My Goal:
    No, that’s a little bit too over. Haha. You seldom see people on a Mac reformat their Mac.

  3. That My Goal says:

    除了我真的BEH TAHAN它的速度

  4. To do lesser of this, It’s time for you to get a mac
    2006:viruses/trust mac

  5. That My Goal:
    Me too. Lazy to install the software and backup the file.

    Eleanor Cheng:
    It’s expensive, I want, but I don’t have money. Currently replying you with my brother’s MacBook, it’s so nice.

  6. That My Goal says:

    my com gt many file
    i lazy to move it to local disk D
    bt now i am nt worry about this coz the antivirus i use can still can protect my com

  7. That My Goal:
    Yeah, maybe my computer is old already, so it become slow.

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