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I love Ikea, especially the food at their restaurant/cafeteria (meatballs!), love looking at some of their low price product, love looking at their design and love the atmosphere, it’s so crowded when I visited to Ikea few weeks ago in Kuala Lumpur.


My dad wasn’t around in KL that time so it was mom’s friend that drove us there. Everyone in the car don’t really know the way to Ikea, Ikea is not in KL but outside of it. Thanks to the free 7 day trial navigation on my phone, only then we managed to get there. The navigation wasn’t that trustful at first because the signal always on and off, but at least it pointed a correct way after that.


Ikea I was at. Free parking for any purchase in Ikea.



First thing first was eating at the restaurant. We didn’t have our breakfast and straight for brunch there. Ordered a lots of meatballs, chicken wings and much more.




There is always that many people at the restaurant, always got a long queue at the counter and people’s everywhere.


I very hate that when the restaurant worker ask me not to take photos, I know I am not allow to take any photos in Ikea but what’s the problem taking photo at the restaurant area. No worry, I’ve already filled in my comment and feedback form. =)

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IMG_7331 by you.

I bought 2 lighting items, 3 spotlight and a table lamp.

IMG_7330 by you.

Multiple language manual for installing the spotlight. That’s cool. But I only need one International language, the English.

Though, I still haven’t install the spotlight yet, need to do some cable management, as for the lamp, there’s no bulb came with it, I need to look for a power saving bulb.

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