Random Fake Polaroid #3

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chia yee. by you.

It’s Chia Yee with my mother’s Vietnamese hat. Cute right?

It’s not easy to find polaroid camera nowadays. They have stopped producing it and making the film. So even if you have a camera, it will be hard for you to look for the film.

Guangzhou is a shopping heaven, there’s so much to buy, e.g. clothing, electronics, books, stationery, toys, arts craft, antique. Oh my god, there’s too many until I don’t know what to buy. I believe I had made a shopping list while on the plane few days ago. =)

A Malaysian-Chinese who fancies good food, enjoy travelling, and have an obsession in pressing the camera shutter button and technology gadget, not to mention, a strong love for Penang. Nick is currently based in the UK and pursuing a BA degree for Interior Design and he's obviously on travel-mode now.

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