Phuket Travel: Phuket Night Market and Streets

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My brother is now in Phuket with his friends and this reminded me that I still have some photos of my last Phuket trip haven’t share them with you guys. To make it simple, I’ll let the photos and captions talk.

I like Phuket, do you like Phuket?

IMG_4632 by nicholaschan.

Handmade keychains and armband.

IMG_4634 by nicholaschan.

Nice Starbucks promotion. I like!

IMG_4639 by nicholaschan.

They have this Thai boxing vehicle moving around to promote their Thai boxing event and some drunk kids climbed up “Thai Boxing WOOHOOO”.

IMG_4650 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4652 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4654 by nicholaschan.

Pubs with dancers. (Some) Thai girls do look good, but we always doubt whether they are a real she, or a she-man.

IMG_4658 by nicholaschan.

IMG_4662 by nicholaschan.

Street magic. This guy locked his arm on the pole, but somehow manage to get of the pole. Pro.

IMG_5077 by nicholaschan.

Jungceylon, nearest and biggest shopping mall near my hotel and Patong Beach. Got cinema and departmental stores. Nice place.

IMG_5107 by nicholaschan. IMG_5110 by nicholaschan.

At night even got water show.

IMG_5097 by nicholaschan.

Saw a fight. Caucasian man vs Thai lady. Throwing of glass and shouting “Fuck you”. I was having dinner opposite and didn’t know what happen, the police came later. End of show.

IMG_5101 by nicholaschan.

Thailand-made and designed T-shirts. I have plenty but don’t really like to wear them now.

Usual Phuket’s street market.

Thai’s Starbucks tasted the same.

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