Penang Chingay Festival 2008

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Oh my god, it’s already a month that this event had past and sorry for getting it up late. I very hate picking photos out of many photos that I’ve taken, there’s so many but I just need one of each different subject to upload to the net. Anyway, let’s get straight to the point. Last month during the holiday, there’s a Chingay Parade Festival happened in town and it’s part of Penang’s PESTA activities to gain tourism attention. This was my first time checking out such event, never been to any of these before. Since it’s a school holiday, I went to join the crowds, follow the parade and take some photos.

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The whole parade which there’s floats, lion dance, and chingay started the field at Jalan Dato Kramat and will end at Esplanade. I took the bus that evening to Dato Kramat and luckily I was just in time.  The decorated floats and chingay parade were moving slowly on the road, this created a big jam on the road, but everyone in the car was like enjoyed looking at what’s happening.

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The parade was really moving slow. I went to have dinner with a friend, I turned around and see no more people on the road. I think they were 30 minutes away from me and after dinner, I just went walking fast on the road and eventually, caught up with the parade again. I was on the foot until the Esplanade. At first, I thought that it’s far, but after walking till the end, it doesn’t seems far to me, maybe I was busy taking photos and forgot about the time and tiredness.

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This parade did successfully attract a lot of people both locals and tourists. They having the phones and cameras on their hand, busy taking shots.


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One of the very cool floats was this above one that has a rocket on top. At every junction, they will stop the float from moving and will risen the rocket. When it’s up, music is played from the float and a little LCD in the middle is playing some short clips about Penang. Very interesting and creative. Rocket signifies the current state government of Penang where rocket is their symbol.

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There’s Santa and little Choi Sun too. It was a fun night and I hope Penang will have more events like this.

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