Noise Pollution at Gurney Plaza

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  1. Carmen says:

    Lol good luck with the job interview!

  2. Steven says:

    I think they should work in the night. Or even better. but cannot also.. people want to rest and sleep.. anyway, good luck in ur interview 🙂

  3. YL YEONG says:

    u can do at mcdonald..
    my neighbour(form 3 ) go there and do..
    rm5 per hour..
    good luck anyway

  4. Isamu says:

    Huaaa…I can’t go look for a part-time job…Learning keyboard now and soon will be learning guitar…I can’t waste the effort I took in starting off…and I can’t waste my father’s money(I don’t take classes,my father’s money is for buying instruments)…U can do waiter e…?…I can’t,people will run off because I look like some sort of gangster(but I am not,sometimes maybe) …Anyway,good luck in your interview…

  5. MerCuRy says:

    Erm.. If I not mistaken, I think this construction working since long time ago. Last time I stay in G Hotel. When I went to swimming pool and relax, all the “nice music” coming to me -_-

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