Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

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  1. Fangs says:

    When I went there I saw a mini parade of performers walking down the Fisherman’s Wharf street. Also there is a golf cart/car ride every 15 minutes down the whole street for those lazy to walk, and it’s free. Quite scenic place with overpriced branded stuff sold at roadside.

  2. tomyammee says:

    nice scenery
    especially pic:4
    looks lk europe


  3. Fangs:
    Yaeh, I took the ride, it took us to the harbour. WTF, and not taking us back. Not bad, at least you saw something, and we don’t.

    Yeah yeah, it’s a theme of theirs.

  4. Fangs says:

    you gotta get off and wait for the next round cus the other tourists have waited their share and should take the ride back first.

  5. Fangs:
    It’s late at night and no one was waiting, obviously the driver was lazy.

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