Lunch at Esquire Kitchen, Sunway Pyramid

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Two weeks ago, I was in Kuala Lumpur and everytime I go to Kuala Lumpur with parents, they sure visit a Chinese restaurant in the mall and that is Esquire Kitchen. It’s a very standard thing for us and every of our visit, we order the same food. Haha. It was the outlet in Sunway Pyramid and my first visit to this outlet because it had been a long long long time I didn’t go to Sunway Pyramid after its renovation.

IMG_0275 by nicholaschan.

Fried longbeans.

IMG_0277 by nicholaschan.

Brinjal/Eggplant. This is special a bit because they cut it small.

IMG_0280 by nicholaschan.

花卷 (chinese: hua1 juan3). Steam Scallion Bun, nice to eat with curry or the tung po yok below.

IMG_0282 by nicholaschan.

东坡肉 (chinese: tong1 po1 rou4; cantonese: tung po yok). My favourite pork dish and it’s good to eat with the bun. Delicious, very.

Yummy! Unfortunately, they’re only in Kuala Lumpur and Penang don’t have Esquire Kitchen. Hopefully then will open an outlet here in Penang.

A Malaysian-Chinese who fancies good food, enjoy travelling, and have an obsession in pressing the camera shutter button and technology gadget, not to mention, a strong love for Penang. Nick is currently based in the UK and pursuing a BA degree for Interior Design and he's obviously on travel-mode now.

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