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Sometimes, taking too much of photos is no good because I need to split up an event into several post. I am not a good editor by the way. Hehe. At first, there’s the Penang Chinese New Year Celebration in the afternoon before the sky turn dark, then I went to Khoo Kongsi, I went to Cheah Kongsi and now I go randomly, at night where the sky is dark.

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There’s a big crowd gathered around the Penang CM’s car. I was curious and went to take a look and it’s the news reporter was doing an interview with the CM. People around were most probably his supporter and also wanted to go on TV, so do I but I didn’t manage to go to he back of Mr Chief Minister. Nevermind, at least I stand a chance to see the behind the scene of a news scene.

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It’s really very hard to move around at night, people seems to come by more and more and it’s a massive human jam on the road.

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There’s this puppet show with Teochew talkings near the Teochew temple there. It looks very cute but I was there for a while only, because I was trying to take photos of everything, wrapped up before I go home. It was late.

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In the Teochew temple, people can dress themselves into the Chinese traditional wedding clothes and take a shot. I don’t know this two Mister and Misses by the way.

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Since it’s cow year or they called it the Ox, there’s a cow outside, decorated with a sunflower at his horn. People went to touch it hoping to get some good luck from it, I wonder will it works? It’s just a normal cow I assumed.

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At the other side, I found them, Ex Mr Chief Minister, Mr Koh Tsu Koon and his Gerakan team watching at some show. People still did say hi to them even after Penang has a new government. Great.

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I went home with dad and mom at 9.30pm. It was really tiring after so many hours of walking and taking photos there. I’ll shoot less photo next year. =)

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