Last Day Of Building Construction Class

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After spending so many midnight time in campus, it came to the last day of Building Construction which was one of my subject for semester 2 of Diploma In Interior Design. It doesn’t really comes to an end because I’ll be taking Building Construction 2 for the next semester. Walao eh!

Well, time flies and it finally came to an end. Thanks to the sleepless night and awesome project, mister lecturer, Sivaranam. =) It’s a tired day but the sky was blue, really very blue. Even though it’s blue, it didn’t brighten up my mentality because I was physically tired and sleep, but I still could force myself to shout (very random).

Mellysa, tired face. =D

Arvin still look so power.

I believe that day was not only me that was tired, most of everyone were. Treated myself in a good Chinese restaurant in campus as a reward for not sleeping.

Connie, the Hakka girl.

Tai lou and Zhi Inn of Muar!

Then went to feel and molested the iPad 2 (even I already had an iPad) at the campus’ Apple store and it marks the end of the day. Bye bye Building Construction class. Hello, Building Construction exam! Which happening in 2 days time. I gotto read now. Cheers!

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