Jisheng Wellborn Furniture City in Guangzhou

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(Changshou Lu station is the nearest Guangzhou Metro station to our hotel, Holiday Inn Shifu.)

I or we didn’t know about Jisheng Wellborn at first. We wanted to go Panyu Square which is a far east of Guangzhou and is the last station of Guangzhou Metro. Taking a taxi to there would be faster than the Metro but we went for the Metro to save cost. Estimated time was 45 minutes because there’s like 10 stop and each stop is like 3-4 minutes including making the interchange from Line 1 to Line 3.

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Panyu Square was not on my travel list too. It’s mom’s idea to go to this place as she said that there’s some shopping area there. We didn’t really know what’s there too, we were just exploring.

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However, our plan changed while we were on the train. We got off at Hanxi Changlong station which is 2 stations before Panyu Square. One thing good about the Guangzhou Metro is that there’s a voice telling about the nearest attractions and buildings to each station in the train before reaching the next station. So we heard “Next station, Hanxi Changlong. Jisheng Wellborn, ChimeLong Resort, Xiangjiang Safari Park.”

We were not going to the zoo or the theme park. Dad wanted to go and take a look at the furnitures so we got off to take a look. By the way, dad’s business is about furnitures and interior design.

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It’s a very quiet station, not many people got off from the train. Since like not many people goes to the zoo and theme park at that time. I didn’t know about the Chimelong Resort Theme Park too but the Xiangjiang Safari Park is famous.

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I was surprised when we got out from the station. It’s ulu which literally means rural because there’s no building and little people was around. Jisheng Wellborn Furniture Exhibition Centre is no where to be found too. There’s only public bus parked there which we don’t know how to take.

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There’s also these motorbike taxi which parked there waiting for passengers. IMG_0884 by you.

The Chimelong Resort and Theme Park can be seen from here. There’s a roller coaster. =)

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Then we found the sign about free shuttle bus which takes us to Jisheng Wellborn. We waited there for like 15 minutes until the bus arrive. At first, there’s only us but later than, more and more came to fill the bus.

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It’s just a 5 minutes ride from the Hanxi Changlong Guangzhou Metro station to Jisheng Wellborn. It’s near but it’s not accessble by foot because it’s separated by a few highway.

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I didn’t take photos in there because camera is not allowed. Briefly speaking, Jisheng Wellborn Furniture Exhibition Centre is a big place with a lot of furniture shops of branded furnitures from the Europes and the States ranging from European/American Antique, to Chinese Antique, to Comtemporary style. There’s just so much to walkabout for a furniture hunter and lover but the please bear in mind that the price is not cheap. It’s a very big furniture city.

How to go: Guangzhou Metro: Line 3, Hanxi Changlong station. Wait for the Free Shutter Bus which will ferry you to Jisheng Wellborn.

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