Friday Jelutong Jalan Perak Pasar Malam (Night Market)

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Friday Jelutong Jalan Perak Pasar Malam (Night Market) – Night market is where people set up stalls at a populated residential area at night and sell things like shirts, clothing, toys, pirated DVDs and food which is the most. I don’t always get a chance to go to the night market or pasar malam, I stay at a place which there’s no pasar malam nearby in a walking distance. The nearest to me I think is Tanjung Bungah but not sure is it still there or not.

I have friends asking me to join them for a walk at pasar malam at their places but it’s a little bit far for me though. There’s 3 popular night market spot in Penang, it’s Maccallum, Jelutong and Farlim.

Basically, the stall owner move around from places on different day. Monday is at Maccallum, Wednesday is at Farlim and Friday is at Jelutong (Jalan Van Praagh).

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I went to Jelutong’s night market lately it’s very happenings there. Love to see people moving around on the street, a lot of stall set up. Dad had a hard time looking for a parking there and after some rounds of turning here and there, he found a spot.

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We just went to walk around and take a look since everyone says that it’s very fun. I did bump up with some friends there too.

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There’s many stall selling a lot of little items, toys, clothing but then there’s nothing attracts me there, it’s too crowded which made choosing a little bit difficult.

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Best part of all at this Jelutong Night Market is the food stalls. There’s really a lot of food stall along the roadside and it’s nice to buy some food and eat while you do the street shopping. There’s too many food for you to choose from and a lot of which is very delicious and cheap too.

Click here for the map to Jelutong’s Night Market (Pasar Malam) on every Friday night. For tourist, you can take a cab to “Jelutong’s Pasar Malam at Jalan Van Praagh”, I believe the taxi driver knows where is it.

Next stop gonna check out other night market at Farlim and also Maccallum.

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  1. The tong yuen is yummy…very soft and with lots of fillings. Normal days, you can find them at their stall in New Lane…near to Sunway Hotel.

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