I went into Cheah Kongsi during Chinese New Year

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I was there last year too. So basically, during normal days, I won’t go to any of this kongsi-kongsi place unless there’e people invite me to. I was there because it’s the Chinese New Year Open House Miao Hui Celebration, so I went in there to walk around, take some photos and see what they were doing inside.

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Not much activities happened in there, it’s just people walking in and out of the old houses and take photos.

I went there once last year but I didn’t really get a chance to go inside and this time, I went in and went upstairs too.

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The worship hall of the Cheah’s clan is on the upper floor, it’s also my first time going up.

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There’s some little activities going on down there, got a mini chinese chess competition and chinese caligraphy drawing.

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It’s there where I met Yong Seng and Victor, after that we just went out to another place of the Chinese New Year Miao Hui, the sky was getting dark and this is when taking photos got harder.

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