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Hat Yai Food: Saban-nga Restaurant – Sorry if I am posting many food pr0n lately which seduces your taste bud and hungriness, I just couldn’t stop myself on sharing them with you guys. Haha. Yesterday, I went to a one-day trip to Hat Yai and the most interesting stuff at there to me was the food!

I went to this restaurant called Saban-nga Restaurant which serves authentic Thai food. Most cool is steamed rice was in purplish colour! It’s located somewhere near to the university area and it was a Thai relative who brought us there.

The restaurant has a nice and comfy interior with nice garden garden outside. Well, I don’t really know how to introduce the food, so I’ll let the photo speaks. The tomyum, the vegetable, the omelet, the pork leg (not really my favourite), the petai, were good!

Purple steamed rice. The dye is from a kind of flower.

Thai loves pork leg, which I don’t really fancy about it.

Tomyum goong! With lots of shrimp and fish.

Petai fried with onion, prawn and sambal. I realised that restaurant in Bangkok does not serves petai.

Pickled mango cut into small strips, tasted sour.

Thai-style omelet. Do you know why Thai’s omelet is so good? It’s because when they cook, they add in a little bit of milk, so it looks fluffy.

Nam-prit, a kind of Thai’s sald which you eat raw vegetable with Thai-style spicy sambal.

Fish cake which tasted like otak-otak.

Fried kangkung or known as phak bung in Thai.

Fried fish with meat cut into small pieces.

A glass of ice blended watermelon to end up the meal and also to freshen up the day.

Are you feeling hungry now? =D

Saban-Nga Restaurant
Punnakan Soi 9,
Kho Hong, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110,

Telephone: +66-081-9690686

[googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=215278323465761497274.0004b80a852f7e1d51867&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=7.002423,100.493671&spn=0.005111,0.006866&z=17&iwloc=0004b9ed14151e4506a13&output=embed&w=640&h=480]

Click here for more posts about my Hat Yai One-Day Trip.

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