Happy Ker Ying 17th Birthday

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Just a week before, it’s Chin Ping’s birthday, and last weekend, it’s another girl’s birthday. Ker Ying had asked me out to join her for dinner at Gurney Plaza last weekend with her friends. This was a no cake celebration, but there’s food, on her treats. Thank you very much. =)

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(Shueu Yen, Ker Ying, Esther, Phaik Sin)

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It was a dinner at Manila Place, a place where Ying worked before. Unfortunately, no birthday promotion or discount for her. Ate and talked, then went out of the restaurant for a walk in the mall.

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Later at some time, I forgot what time, pop up a bouquet of teddy bear and flower, a gift from Esther and Yen, her friends.

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(I still don’t know that St Xavier guy that sat beside me.)

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The last session of the night was a coffee drinks and card game at Segafredo. I learned to played a very stupid card games and very funny. Every body get a numbers of cards evenly, then shuffle it, then start from a person, place a cut, and start counting from 1, then the next one place another card and say 2, then follow on and if the number that you said from your mouth is the same as what you place on the table, every player must place a hand on the card or hit it, so which means a stack of hands are on the card. The last hand on the card has to take all the cards and start counting again. Game ends when one take all the cards.

It’s like birthday is everywhere. Dad’s birthday is coming soon. So happy. Mine will be in July. =D

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