Happy 17 Birthday in School

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Wow, it had been already many weeks since my birthday had past. My birthday was on 16th July and it’s a Thursday and a little information for you that today is also my birthday according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s 17th June, Ox Year in the Chinese lunar calendar today, so I wish myself happy birthday again. Hehe.

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Ignore Jing Min with the handkerchief.

So let’s talk about the 16th July that had past few weeks ago, as I had mentioned, it was a Thursday and it’s a school day. As usual, I went to school on that day of course, bringing a smile on the face and hoping someone would wish me and the first person who wished me was Zez Chien while I was going up the stairs then when I stepped into the class, it’s happy birthday for everyone and thanks for the birthday song. =) Love it.

This year, I met 2 person who was born on the same day as me, they are Eric and Charles. So nice to know there’s people who was born on the same day. Thanks Arron for the cake, I only blew the candle but I did not eat it because the bell rang and I had to go back to my class already.

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Tee Jin, my Leo Club president and friend and classmate for the past 2 years bought me a cake. It’s a chocolate cake and looks sweet. I like it.

X Emoing

Make a wish. Hehe. This is not crying.

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I cut the cake just as soon as the teacher went out the class. Teacher didn’t allow me to cut the cake during her lesson so I waited until the bell rang, then quickly cut it u p.

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The cake was gone pretty fast when I shouted “self-service”, everyone came and took a small piece for themselves. I think there’s people did not eat it and one of them for sure is Beng Tian who always don’t give face to my stuff.

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Beng Tian with the finger.

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Jin Jie and me.

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Acting cool.

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Reading newspaper, one of the pasttime in class.

As usual, they played with my camera and took a lot of photos.

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Finger. =D

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Guan Thye (Thye-Lo / Big Brother, he doesn’t look as polite as you think. Hehe, that’s why we call him Big Brother or Tailo in Hokkien.) and Jing Min, both also got a same birthday in December.

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I received 3 gifts in school, a cake from Tee Jin, a keychain from Arron, a pack for Twisties from Jing Min and a sweet from Wei Lee. Haha. =) Although, it’s simple, yet it’s still a gift. Thank you all.

IMG_7404 by you.

This is Eric, another birthday boy.

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2 Comments to Happy 17 Birthday in School

  1. Nicholas, that day I have no time to go your class to look for this moment. From your photos I can think that you get a very unforgettable 17th birthday celebration in class.

    By the way, how Aaron kept the cake for so long time? Early in the morning took come? Or after recess? haha.

  2. GenYong:
    Haha, I also don’t know how the cake can be kept so long. It’s melt a little bit when I cut it up. One thing, the cake is from Tee Jin, Arron’s cake had already ate it early in the morning.

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