Free Coke Zero

This ladies looked funny with the 1 eye mask or something. No idea what is it call. Mascot? Helmet? Or what? They were giving off free Coke Zero near Hong Kong Times Square. Forgotten what the stre…

Vote for Edison Chen

I was too bored in school and I did some paper cutting and here I got. Election is coming and lets vote for Edison. ROFLOL! Hahahaha. ISA don’t come find me, you know I am kidding. XD

Real DumbASS Butt Rocket

I watched this laugh until my stomach pain. The guy too free and trying to shoot the rocket from his asshole. But somehow, the rocket didn’t fly away, too tight in the hole? Hahahahahahahahah…

Poo Side

definition of poo ; feces. Also poo-poo. “Poo” is considered a childish term; “poo-poo” even more so. The term is mostly used by mothers, or female adults as a polite altern…


photos taken from wikipedia. Remember this? When Hiro (Masi Oka) in the TV series Heroes, teleported to New York, he shouted Yatta! I went to Bukit Bintang there and Yatta! But when I got home, I o…

Let’s Get Rick Rolled

Woohoo, I am addicted to the song and also the music videos, THANKS TO Yi Yang! HAHA, you should really check this video out. Hehe. [youtube] M…

Stupid Dogs

My uncle has 2 dogs. The dogs is stupid. It just bark whenever he see peoples but not my uncle family them. Maybe it’s good because when robbers break-in, it bark, free alarm! =) But then, th…


[youtube=] I just love Malaysia, got so talented artist. Malaysia BOLEH!

Normal Chee Bye EXPLICIT

Warning, explicit, vulgar word contain in the song. Please don’t watch in front of your parents. I am not responsible for what happened next if you get beat up or scolded. Just sharing with y…

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