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Finally, my birthday is over, I am officially 17 and I am getting my driving license soon. That’s the best thing of this year and I have been counting down for it since last year. I was and still feeling envy of those who has already get their hands on the driving license, the number of friends driving to school is increasing and I wish to be one of them too.

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One reason of wanting to drive is that I need not rush after school and I can just go home relax or perhaps do some study in school first only then go home at anytime I want. It’s not really anytime, yet still with my own transport, it’s easier to travel around. =)

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The legal age for driving is 17 in Malaysia and I’ve already been to the driving lesson already. Before the first practical driving license, I need to listen to a 4 hours theory course only then I can get my hands on the wheel. As for the undang-undang writing test, I’ve already did it and pass it during February.

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I feel the theory course for driving was uninteresting, it maybe useful but most of us just don’t bother about it. It’s a procedure and must-do for everyone. I saw an Australian girl in the same room while I was in the theory course and I asked her whether does she know Bahasa Malaysia or not and she told me no, she was just there listening to iPod and waiting for time to pass.

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There’s a part where the instructor introduces us how to check the engine component and car peripherals in the bonnet and how to change a tire. I found it somehow useful, but I didn’t really take it in mind and I believe most of us will call the foreman to tow our car when it break down.

After the theory listening course, I continue on with my 3-hours practical car driving lesson. One is compulsory to do 12 hours or more-or-less, I’ve forgot how many hours only then we go for the driving test. Another thing is, we will only get the L license (Learner’s) after doing the 3 hours practical and last thing is, the driving test can only be done after one month of receiving the L license, meaning that I will be going for my driving test at around end of August, the date given is 24th August, wish me luck now. =)

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I did all those driving skill practice on my first practical, the side parking, 3 point turn and going up hill and down.

I don’t really know how to work out the gear box at first, the instructor just ask me to stick with gear one inside the driving school premise. I was first ask to drive around the premise for several times to feel the gas and brake of the car, get used to it first only I get into the driving skill lesson. All the parking, 3 point turn and going up hill have formula, it’s only not to be careless.

Some say going up hill is difficult, I found it fun but somehow sometimes get out of the yellow line. When driving up the slope, the car front tyre need stop at a yellow box which is 30cm long, the formula is quickly step on the brake when the car side mirror is inline with the first pole on the slope. Done. Step on gas, release clutch, feel the power then remove handbrake to get moving on the slope. Funness!

The second driving lesson was last week and I’ve already went out on the road. It’s funner on the road where the car can goes faster. The instructor keep asking me to drive and circle the same road (which will be doing during the driving test) to get used to it.

So driving lesson and test sounds simple and fun, just that people fails when they get nervous and careless. Yay, next driving lesson will be this Friday afternoon. Woohoo.

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