Daikin Is The New Air Con

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  1. GenYong says:

    Wow nick has a new aircond. By the way, how much you bought for this aircond? I hope to have one in my new room but not enough budget to buy it. Congratulations to you have the new adding in your room. This make your room more looks like your studio, am i right? LOL!

  2. GenYong:
    I don’t really know aout the pricing because it’s dad who got it.

  3. tat says:

    Now a day, the air-con of the “DAIKIN” brand cause a lot of problem. Like air-con having Icing,water leaking,PCB out of memory and etc..
    Althought it is just a new one.(made in Thailand). I’m the one who was unlucky to buy the “Daikin” brand air-con cause the above problem till today still yet to settle.

  4. tat:
    Oh, I haven’t occur any of the problem yet but thanks for telling me and I will note about it.

  5. wow thank for such a nice post and keep posting

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