Crazy In The Lift 2

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IMG_5432 by nicholaschan.
Last year.

Last year, December, there’s Crazy In The Lift. We were just making fun and a fool around, kidding kidding and yesterday, it’s Crazy In The Lift, Part 2. The same person, same place.

IMG_5127 by nicholaschan IMG_5126 by nicholaschan
This year, yesterday.

IMG_5128 by nicholaschan

Just playing people. Chien Chern is my good friend and he is a good person. ^.^

A Malaysian-Chinese who fancies good food, enjoy travelling, and have an obsession in pressing the camera shutter button and technology gadget, not to mention, a strong love for Penang. Nick is currently based in the UK and pursuing a BA degree for Interior Design and he's obviously on travel-mode now.

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