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Still remember I took part in my school’s annual cross country run two months ago? Here we got another outdoor annual thingy and is the annual hiking competition. It’s held annually but this was my first year joining them. Students who get to take part in this event have to be in top 200 during the cross country run, I was not in top 200 nor near any number to it but I still came to this hiking competition.

It’s because this is the last year of me being in high school and I don’t want miss any major event organized by the school. I was there just joining the fun but not in the competition so I could take my time hiking to the top of Penang Hill instead of thinking of competitions.

Hiking is fun but it had been a long time since I last went to hiking. I had been to Penang Hill for like 3-4 times.

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Mom dropped me off at Botanical Garden last Saturday as early as 7.30am. I am always be the one who is late, but it doesn’t matter although everyone was there already because it haven’t started when I was there.

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With 3 categories (Form 1 and 2, Form 3 and 4, Form 5 and 6) of 200 participants each, there’s approximately 600 plus people going up hill.

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The hiking race flagged off at 8am sharp in the morning and Arron, Chien Chern and Me were not in the line because we not in the 200s.

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Besides going hiking as an exercise, I was an unofficial photographer for the event too. Although I am in the school’s Photography Club, but I was not working for them that time.

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We joined some friends at the back of the line because some of which who didn’t want to join in the competition too. It’s just chit chating and joking while hiking. There’s blue, green, red, yellow, and purple house in my school sport houses and Arron’s gave an idea of wearing the orange Penang Bridge Run T-shirt and we did. Eventually, we had became the only unofficially Orange House team.

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This hiking competition was not on a hiking trail but is a tar road connected to the top of Penang Hill. Alternatively, people can choose the hiking trail which located in Botanical Garden.

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We stopped at 84 a while. 84 is actually a rest house which located in the middle of the hill, when you reach this place means that you hare at half the height of Penang Hill.Some hikers tend to stop here and then go back down and some choose to go to the top and either take the tram down or go back down again.

We were slow one at the back so it took us 1 hour to reach 84, so it’s another 1 hour for us to reach the top.

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On the other hand, 84 is the 15th station of my school rescue standby team which consist of a St John Ambulance, a Scout, a Boys Brigade and a Youth Cadet member. They have 30 stations all together which provided help to the student hikers who needed any aid.

We took photo with them, and guess what, I met the son of former Members of Parliament, Dato Dr Teng Hock Nan’s son, Walter Teng who is a Form 3 Youth Cadet member working out at there.

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We arrived at the top of the hill at around 10am. It took us around 2 hours for this hiking trip and we did stop a lot of times. From what I have known, the first place got to top at only a duration of 1 hours and 20 minutes like that. That’s very fast compare to us. I admit that I don’t have that energy and stamina for it, so I was slow. Anyway, that was fun.

I then had my breakfast with friends up there. The food was not bad but looking for a place to sit was bad because imagine 600 students at the top of the hill. This caused a big jam at the tram station going down hill too. So we ate slowly and waited the tram congestion to ease.

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We just roamed around the hill until less people at the tram station.

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Frankly, I got to say that the tram at Penang Hill is very slow and the capacity is small compare to the tram in Hong Kong. It took us like around 20 minutes waiting at the station and 15 minutes going down hill.

We went down and many went up. The tram station is always that crowded during the weekend except last Saturday which was over crowded.

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