Christmas Eve Night at Gurney Drive

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Don’t know why so many people like to gather on the street of Gurney Drive on Christmas Eve night. On 2009’s Christmas Eve, I was there a while before going to the cinema to catch the premiere of Jay Chou’s The Treasure Hunter which is not really a good to watch.

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There’s fighting and spraying of police’s vehicles the year before and they ban the selling and using of artificial snow flakes spray. I did not see any people selling it but I still see people having it on hair, only started spraying it when the countdown hits 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The news came back again, there’s some young gangster got up a fight with the police and RELA member. That’s really OMG, I missed the show because I was in cinema and I also don’t want to be involve. Not interested in sprays now.

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Many friends tell me that this year’s Christmas Eve at Gurney Plaza and Gurney Drive was boring. Is it? I didn’t really know about it, I found my Christmas Eve quite interesting, even at Gurney Drive was fun because we were joking and talking all the way while waiting for the movie time.

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Maybe they don’t get to spray people (a lot), so it’s boring. The stage at the alfresco area of Gurney Plaza was pretty rocking too, I saw many people were like partying at there.

IMG_2092 by nicholaschan.

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Not bad what. Just I didn’t really like the Tresure Hunter, the movie was pretty lame and I don’t like the story. It’s just for Jay Chou and Lin Zhi Ling’s fans.

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