Chinese New Year Visit to Anthony’s House

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.他在家门外 by you.

On 初四 (mandarin:chu1 si4, cantonese:chor4 sei1), forth day of Chinese New Year, I spent my whole afternoon at my tuition teacher, Mr Anthony’s house.

Every visitors need to blow a balloon until it burst only can get into the house. This is a good idea for party because when it burst, “Boom! Happy New Year”. Haha, I did not blow until it burst instead I squeeze till it burst. I am not scared of balloon blowing off. Hehe.

There’s a collection of glasses he has there. This is so cool.

.reading by you.

What I did there is eating tid bits, play the Wii until my hands tired, watch DVDs and talk. Anthony loves Stephen Chow a lot and he played the DVD Kung Fu Hustle and Shao Lin Soccer everyday.

.smile by you.

.omg by you.

.bags of wastes by you.

=) Happy Chinese New Year!

I played the Wii Boxing and my arms were tired after like one minutes, you don’t really need to swing so much to beat your rival, I was silly at first and it hurts my arms.

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