China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal

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China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal (To Hangzhou/Day 0) – Last December, I went to a 13 days-long China semi-backpacking trip. My travel destinations were Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and lastly Hong Kong. For the flight, I took the Air Asia to Hangzhou, only then take the fast train to Shanghai, it costs me about RM500 for one-way ticket to Hangzhou.

Since it’s Air Asia, my flight departs at LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It’s my first time at the LCCT and I’ve to spend my night at there because I actually flew from Penang to there and wait for about 8 hours, only then I get to board the flight to Hangzhou.

I was actually very excited of “transiting” at LCCT, overnight at the airport like other travelers do, but then it’s not really a good experience. Sleeping on the hard and cold tiles flooring was really bad and uncomfortable. In fact, I didn’t get any sleep on there. I think I did successfully fall asleep for about 30 minutes on the bench outside the LCCT. Hahaha.

You can’t really get a good sleep after 3.30am when the announcement of flight started going on the loudspeaker. Another thing is, don’t bother to tour around the LCCT at night, I was curious so I did not settle down at first when I touched down at LCCT about 12.30am, I toured around the airport for half an hour only then I was busy finding an empty power socket. Luckily, I found one but it’s not really working well. I have to readjust the plug to make it works. My phone battery was running low and I need charge badly for the next day usage at Hangzhou. Phew, I got 75% charge after-all.

The night was really long. 6.30am was when I started moving around again, look for a sandwich, toilet, brush and enter to the departure hall. I was started for not feeling well because I didn’t get a good sleep. My body was tired and head was heavy. When I got the board the plane, the plane was so far away and I have to walk. At the plane, sleep wasn’t pleasant too, I have no idea why. It was a long way, and luckily I’ve got chicken rice. =D Despite the tired-ness, I was still able to tour Hangzhou on the first day. =D Let’s get ready for my China trip.

China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal

China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal

China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal
There’s many restaurant at LCCT like McDonald’s, KFC, OldTown and more, but not all of them are 24 hours.

China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal

China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal
There’s not many water fountain at there and they were not working well.

China Trip: Overnight At KLIA LCCT Terminal
Found a good spot, to lie down.

Lousy power socket. Sucks.

Flight to Hangzhou is located at the end of the parking way. LOL

Although it’s HOT SEAT, it’s very uncomfortable to sleep.

Chicken rice, not nice already. I prefer nasi lemak.

In Hangzhou already.

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