Chia Yee is cute and charming

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  1. yiphing says:

    u r ‘so fast’
    mine one not yet done. =p


  2. CharlesKey says:

    I dun think 50mm is important, photographers with skills even kit lens shud be able to take superb portrait.
    I like the last 5th one, the tudung saji one, it’s superb, the right eye ngam ngam at rule of thrid intersection really brings out the eye.
    good job.

  3. yiphing:
    Upload all already, now is time to post. Fast fast, wait you.

    Correct also. I’ll do more experiment.

  4. ahKOK says:

    so…throw ur 50mm away now~ haha… this is your fei wen nv you is it?

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