Cheng Beng Meet-up at Starbucks

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On 5 of April 2010, I applied leave and came back from my National Service Camp. My leave applied quite last minute because I was kinda new there and all leave applied should be like 3 days before the exact day but then we, not I, we applied a day before and the teacher there was like WTF and kinda angry with us cause we were very last minute. But then they couldn’t do anything because we got a lot of people applying last minute and Cheng Beng is important! XD

IMG_8435 by nicholaschan.

However, I didn’t go to Cheng Beng praying though. It was just sleep and meet-up with usual friends. On that night, missing out Chen Yuen, there’s me, Yiphing, Chai Wei, Arron and Chien Chern and we went to Starbucks at Queensbay Mall, drink coffee, sit down, talk and play Left 4 Dead.

IMG_8422 by nicholaschan.

That time we were kinda addicted to Left 4 Dead and Chien Chern has the game in his laptop and he brings it anywhere. I didn’t want coffee because I want to sleep at night so I ordered a venti size of hot chocolate, yummy!

IMG_8423 by nicholaschan.
The couple of Arron and Yiphing.

IMG_8426 by nicholaschan.
Hello Arron, sorry Yiphing, you are out of focus.

IMG_8432 by nicholaschan.
Chien Chern doing his face.

IMG_8428 by nicholaschan.
Chai Wei was quiet that night, very the quiet.

IMG_8427 by nicholaschan.
I see Nokia X6. Cool.

Happy meet-up. Haha.


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