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Oh my god, I don’t really know how to start this post with. What I am holding in the photo is the Bokashi mud ball at a Bokashi making house in Tanjung Bungah. I went there few weeks ago to know about what Bokashi is and how it works. The reason is because the Leo Club is doing a project with the Bokashi mud ball to clean a dirty river.

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It’s some sort of positive microorganism baterials (EM1) which is not harmful to us and is mix with red earth and then shaped to look like a ball.

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I did some hands on on the site with the mud. Just mix the red earth and some EM1 solution then use the hands to shaped it into the ball.

Then you leaves it to dry for like around 5 days. After that, you can keep it for some times. If you have a dirty pond, just throw a bunch of it into the pond and it will activate the microorganism, then wait for a few days, you will see your pond become clean with crystal clear water.

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There’s really a lot of this mudballs there and it will be throw into the dirty river to clean it. It’s not a one time cleaning process and need to repeat week by week.

I wondered how the Leo Club are going to do it because I am not involved in this ball making process at the moment. I am busying with other school work. There’s so many things to do, revision, photo taking, blogs, design work for school and many more.

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