I cloned a few Nicholas

Work, game,music, sleep all in one room. I went to the cloning shop and ask to clone 3 Nicholas. It’s free of charge because I am special and the owner of the cloning shop is a fan of my blog…

Vote for Edison Chen

I was too bored in school and I did some paper cutting and here I got. Election is coming and lets vote for Edison. ROFLOL! Hahahaha. ISA don’t come find me, you know I am kidding. XD

I need more time

Damn busy, First time in my life, I need more time. I think I am doing bad in managing my time. Test is coming in less than 100 hours and I got many task to do. Many to study for test. Ozio Enterpr…

Last minute study

Less than 4 days till my first term test in Form 4. Nervous and scared. I’m doing my last minute revision for it, hope I can finish everything just in time. Oh gosh! Too much to study already…

Studying Biology

I hate you Biology. Most boring subject besides Moral Education and Form 4’s History. Haven’t been listening in class and now I have a hard time doing revision and studying myself. Spen…

Super chili malat hot spicy

They ate the Taiwan sausage with super chili malat hot spicy topping and their face turned red. So lousy, can’t eat hot also. Within minutes, the whole sausage is in my stomach already. Hahah…

Chinese New Year Open House (Main Street)

I will be spliting this event into a few post as I got too many photos to post. So please check back when you are free. =) Subscribe to my RSS feed for instant update. Last weekend, Saturday, I wen…

Bought a new cap at Prangin Mall

I went Gurney Plaza this afternoon but bought nothing there. It was bored, I got nothing to buy there, doesn’t have much choice of street style fashion thingy there. I’m liking Prangin …

Comic by Zanarh

My friend Zanarh took some of my photos and turn them into a comic strip. Look pretty cool. He is a Bionicle fan and a comic artist.

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